Our Services

Property Consultancy & Research – Acquisitions and Development Advice

Our team has been returned to provide consultancy and advice on a wide range of properties in Zambia and other countries in the region. The consultancy team has also been returned to carry out property searches, negotiations and acquisitions. This usually involves negotiations with property owners, the City Councils and in some cases the Ministry of Lands.

Our team is also returned to provide research on property markets throughout the region. These research exercises normally involve providing information on valuation trends and general property activity meant to give the client an understanding on markets, on which they can make well informed decisions. We have done several researches for commercial banks in Zambia, the information is then used in the assessment of property values provided by borrowers. Key areas for this department can be summarized as follows:

  • Keys
  • Relocation
  • Acquisition
  • Research
  • Planning and development
  • Property investment
  • Negotiations
  • Lease structuring
  • Development advice

Property Valuations

Since we commenced business, the valuation team has been retained to value a wide variety of fixed property assets and chattels for various purposes. These include for sale and/or acquisition purposes, for loan collateral purposes, for probate, insurance and for the purposes of balance sheet/company accounts. Where applicable, our valuations are set out in accordance with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, London, UK, “Appraisal and Valuation Manual (1995)", as approved by the Surveyors’ Institute of Zambia.

We act for private and public companies, government and international agencies, banks and insurance companies, trusts, pension funds and private individuals. The valuation team offers a fast, professional and confidential service and we work closely with clients to develop business strategy and are able to advise on a broad range of issues such as planning and rating.

Estate Agency

Sherwood Greene offers a full range of property disposal services of all types of commercial, industrial, residential and agricultural properties. The service includes the marketing of the property and negotiations with purchasers.

Once instructed we find it useful to advise the client on the marketing aspects (advantages and disadvantages), the optimum price and recommendations for marketing campaign. For larger projects we will carry out a feasibility study.

We also have an "in house" list of property enquiries, which can be matched with properties for sale. Depending on the nature of the premises we may also run an advertising campaign, erect a For Sale or For Rent board, target potential companies and prepare a brochure or set of particulars for the premises setting out details such as description, location, areas, specification, services, price etc.

In addition the properties will be placed on our global website. www.sherwoodgreene.com

We provide a professional and efficient estate agency service aiming to achieve optimum prices within the shortest time-scale.

In addition we work with clients on new property developments, advising from inception to completion. This is a growing and key part of our business. As the property market evolves clients need more advice on issues such as demand, supply, investment returns, values, funding and design.

Property Management

There are three main areas within which we categorise the property management function: Financial Management, Administrative Management, Physical Management. We comment on each aspect below and add property-specific points:

Financial Management

Timely and accurate reporting is of first importance, as it is fundamental to the understanding of both parties - Landlord and Occupiers equally. Understanding the importance of this function, we have ensured the department is correctly resourced.

The administration and transparency of accounts and in particular the service charge (where applicable), is subject of growing controversy, with Occupiers concerned that costs can be unrelated to service, particularly in cases where non-institutional owners manage their own properties. Sherwood Greene has access to similar buildings under management to compare and control costs and to demonstrate complete accountability to Occupiers. Occupiers are quite willing to pay for good management, providing they are kept informed and clearly understand that they are receiving value for money.

Administrative Management

The management role extends from liaison with the Landlord and Occupiers to ensure all parties understand agree and adhere to covenants and conditions relating to the occupation of the building. We will ensure that all Tenants moving into the property will sign formal Leases under which their occupation will be governed. Sherwood Greene will coordinate with your lawyers to ensure that the terms of the lease fully protect the Landlord’s position and maximise the investment value of the property.

The interpretation of any Lease in a changing market requires regular review to ensure that the contract meets each party’s expectations. The property manager is thus used as a conduit to create an enabling environment between Landlord and Occupier and to ensure that each recognises the concerns of the other. Through market knowledge of current practice and standards, Sherwood Greene is well positioned to ensure that demands by both parties at any time are quantified and common ground found. Although the property manager will always be acting in the best interest of the Landlord, the occupational needs and functionality of the building must also be considered.

Physical Management

Standards at any property are critical to occupational levels and a building’s status within the market as a prime address and investment. Sherwood Greene will monitor and control the services provided, including cleaning, maintenance and security, while providing pro-active advice relating to future investment in the building to maintain high occupational standards and the prestige of the address.

Please note that Sherwood Greene does not provide or have any association with providers of cleaning, security or other related services but we will employ and supervise on behalf of the Landlord contractors who will be able to maintain the standards required. This will ensure TOTAL impartiality and will guarantee that we work in the best interests of the Landlord and the tenants rather than our own.

Management Team

Our team is headed by Chileshe Musonda and deputized by Mwansa Ngosa. Jemimah M. Musonda is the regional manager for the Copperbelt Province. Departmental heads are Jemimah M. Musonda - Estate Agency team, Bob Bwalya- Valuation and Chipasha Mbeba – Property Management. Our Financial controller is Lynette Chanda, holder of an ACCA full qualification and a member of ZICA.